The National Sword of China…

China announced that they will no longer be accepting recyclables, and it is having reverberations around the world. The Chinese Sword 

The Call of the Redwing Blackbird: How symbols help us grieve

Using Sigmund Freud’s description of mourning, melancholia and mania, I outlined in my previous papers a comparable theory; many members of global society are suffering from an unresolved, overlapping, arrested kind of “environmental melancholia.”  The melancholia, and the resulting symptoms of mania, is rooted in an inability to properly mourn the ecological deaths around the…

Axis Mundi

I am curating an exhibition that opens on September 16 in Denver, CO. Please check out this website for more information. Axis Mundi is part of the Denver Biennial of the Americas for 2017, and we are honored to be a part.   AXIS MUNDI WEBSITE

Articles about Plastic Bottle Production

Why are sales up? Bottled Water Facts The EPA’s facts… which say nothing of the problem of pollution Message in a Bottle Science Mag: All the Plastics Ever Made 22 Facts About Bottles NPR News: Plastic is Everywhere A Million Bottles a Minute (The Guardian)

Science Magazine

READ THIS ARTICLE “Thus, without a well-designed and tailor-made management strategy for end-of-life plastics, humans are conducting a singular uncontrolled experiment on a global scale…” – Science Magazine, Geyer/Jumback/Law, June 2017